Blog 05-06-2017

May. 7, 2017

Hi Every One its May! nicer weather means less players I am sad to say but we do have many who will come any ways but or always needing more Players.

We have been doing pretty good on players and we have been running Custom Maps on Saturdays every one seems to like this so we will keep running them on week ends as long as we have players playing custom maps.

As you all know to Play on our Server when we or running custom maps you must have the Custom maps in your Mohaa Main Folders we have them under the Down Load button here on our Web Site and we have a How to Down Load Video and How to Put Custom Maps and Skins in Your Mohaa Main Folders Video again under Down Loads Button.

We also have the mohaa no cd patch that lets you play Mohaa with out your disks in your drive and a how to video on instaling the no cd patch under Down Loads.

We have a Mohaa Clean Mohaa Main Folder so if any one messes up there Mohaa Main folder and cant get in the Game they can down load the Clean Main witch is the Main as it was when you first installed the Mohaa Game and a How to Video on Rebuilding your Mohaa Main Folder we also have every thing needed to rebuild your Mohaa Main Folder.

We have Custom Maps Custom Skins Player Side Mods No Cd Patch Windows 8 Patch for down load to rebuild your Mohaa Main folders and a video to walk you threw it step by step.

I am right now up loading a New All Custom Maps and Custom Skins Main Pack witch will have every thing we have in our Server Main right now so once that is up loaded you will only need to down load one Big pack called All Custom Maps and Custom Skins Main Pack and put them in your Mohaa Main Folder you will be able to play Custom Maps and see our Custom Skins in the Server!

We have a few New Admin this Months!!!!Cool Slobbob! Moss Hopper! WildWelcome to the Team!

Well I guess thats all for today we do hope to see you all in the Server Playing with Us our Ip is come and bring friends!