Apr. 14, 2017


Hi Every One we or having a great time today playing in our custom maps we run Custom Maps on the Week Ends most of the time now.

There will be some more Custom maps added for Down load on Saturday it will take a few days to get every one to get the new custom maps and to put them in there Mohaa Main Folders but once there in place they will be able to join the server wile we or Running Custom Maps and if there in the server when the Maps change they will go to the Maps.

Well We have to deal with hackers and troubled players like most servers do but some choose to post hatfull messages on our New Website but I got them removed its sad even in a Mohaa Game Server there or those who want to be party poopers.

We have a few good Admin but we really need more Admin to Police the server and keep it fun for every one but its hard finding players who want to take the time to deal with trouble makers and that can be trusted to over watch the server.

It's Summer time and its the time of the year when a on line game server is competing with Summer time and nice weather for players time and energy but we or always here when they return to the enjoyment and fun of playing Mohaa and chatching up with friends and killing them in the game always is good for stress! lol

Well I have made a few changes to the Server Our Server PayPal Email has changed to paypal@worldofcamelot.com for those who want to help the server fund and I have a New Email Merlin@worldofcamelot.com

We have a how to Video on how to add Maps Skins and player side mods to your mohaa main folders if you need help finding your mohaa main folders

So I guess thats it for now I hope to see you all in the Server come play with Us and kill some time togather at Merlin's World Of Camelot a Mohaa on line game server Ip