Server Donations Welcomed

Hi Every One The Server cost Money to Keep it going there or a few that love the game enough to help our server and that helps us stay up if you have a wish to help us our server paypal email is any thing helps and even thow most will never know or care when there playing I do Thank You.

Your one of a very few that do if your giving any thing so know your help matters when playing!


Moss Hopper
FOR all the guy's that like to play on Merlin World of Camelot Server. I think everyone should consider making a monthly donation . Reason being I saw first hand how dedicated Guardian is to this server that we all love to play ! Friday night when I left the server Guardian was designing how to video's and building these Map Rotation's it was hard writing out these lists took a lot of time and work' He does hope you all do not abuse this information . Saturday morning When I got on server he was still on there . He had stayed up all night and for who us guy' we have enough people give $5 or $10 to help keep the server going!!!!