Hello Admin and Want to be Admin to be a Admin you must first know what a Admin is and what is expected of a Admin.

So First off a Admin is a Person entrusted to watch over my server and those who choose to play in my server and is a team player who works with the server owner and fellow Admin to make the Server the best it can be to keep it safe and clean.

So whats expected of a Admin in my Server a Admin must be Trust Worthy and Committed to being in the server to Playing the Game and who loves doing so who watches out for Cheaters,Hackers,Cussing,Server C rashers disrespect to Admin or Players and Server Spamming.

Does a Admin need to be perfect ? No I am not perfect and I do not expect Admin to be either but I do expect Me and my Admin to do there best at taking care of the Server to wanting it to be the Best Server and the Most Fun Server it can be to learn from mistakes and to share what we learn with other Admin and the Server Owner!lol.

The Server cost Money to keep it up I will not lie when I started the server I paid it all and my self my income was better then but since those days I have depended on Admin and Players to help of there own free will meaning they do not have to give to be Admin or Players in my Server but if they do it is a great help and is greatly appreciated.

Now to Explain further there or Rules and expectations in my Server that Admin will treat players right protect the server and players from those who would do wrong and to be trust worthy and dependable for Players to Not Cheat Not Hack to Not Cuss in the server to not disrespect Admin or other players to not Spam the server meaning talking about or inviting others to other servers no server Ip's to not try to Crash our Server.

Those Rules and Expectations or not for sale those who give to the server do so of there own free will and there is no protection for breaking these Rules by giving to the Server Fund so if your doing wrong do not give to the server fund thinking your not going to be banned or removed from being a Admin.

So do you think you have what it takes to be a Admin or you a Person who loves playing Mohaa Do you have the Time and Willingness to watch over Our Barn and Sheep and keep them safe from the Wolfs have you been on my server for awhile showing Clean Play and putting time in if so then Let Me know we need a few Good Men and Women to be Admin

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