Merlin's World Of Camelot! Server Blog

Mar. 21, 2017

Hello this is my first blog ever so I guess I will start off telling you about me and my server I don't think I can go wrong with simple or at least I hope not lol.

Ok My Name is Edward I go by the game name Guardian I got my game name years ago from the movie The Guardian a 2006 Drama/Action movie about a Coast Guard rescue swimmer I though this was a great movie and took the name Guardian and have used it since then. How I came up with the name Merlin was I watched a Tv Series Merlin on NetFlix and the Name Merlin was born at first it was to hide wile playing but I have since used it more and more.

A short time ago I thought my screen name is Merlin so why not make a them Merlin and Camelot so my server Guardian's World Of Pain! was changed to Merlin's World Of Camelot! but the Players and close friend ships have stayed the same we still have a great deal of fun hunting each other down in the game and killing each other!

So The Merlin's World Of Camelot is a Medal Of Honor Allied Assault on line Game Server IP we play Free-For-All Maps Southern France,Distroyed Village, Remagen,Cross Roads,Stalingrad,Algiers.

We also Play Custom Maps ToySoldiers,LastCastle,Saturday Night Fever 2, SnowHill,Southern France 2 Final, StalingradSnow,TheFalls,TPM Final,Snowy5,Hide-and-seek,Amsterdam,DownTown,Alasce,HighNoon,FortWreck,The_Dam along with many more.

The Server is Located in The United States in the State of Missouri in the City of St.Louis the Home of the St.Louis Arch the Gate way to the West.