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Sep. 8, 2017

Moss Hopper

Well it was nice to get to meet Guardian to night he came by my house on his way to see a movie. Hes welcome anytime I told him we will have a bbq and invite him up. nice meeting you G!!!!

Aug. 20, 2017


Hey Yo, cool website with a cool server. keep it going G.

Website Jul. 2, 2017


Glad to visit your site.

May. 16, 2017


HO, How Great to Know all my fellow Clan. Great web site and server Merlin.

Website May. 14, 2017


Nice site, keep in touch!

May. 8, 2017

.: Macalister :.

Its Me Macalister a friend of you for ever. Im a nice person hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi Take care with me and my Shotgun.

May. 5, 2017


Great web site and server

May. 5, 2017


Hi This is Me the Good The Bad and the Ugly yep that's Me lol Thanks Every One for Playing in my Server! Means a lot to see a lots of people having Fun!

May. 5, 2017

Ken ((Moss Hopper ))

Ken(((Moss Hopper)))

Hello Guardian nice website and nice MOHAA server its getting better all the time glad to be apart of it nice to see everyone starting to post pic's so we know who's who's ..lol ..Its great that Guardian has this for all of us to come play the game good

job bubby !! God Bless to all!

Apr. 15, 2017


Hello Aloha Hola Everyone NYC NY USA 1 Twin Towers Forever and ever and Forever More

Apr. 14, 2017


Great Website Merlin. Great ways to keep in touch with our clan members.

Apr. 11, 2017

Killer Dada

Great site...Merlin...Nice to see what some of us really look like.....

Apr. 7, 2017



Great website Merlin !

Website Apr. 7, 2017


Hi every one happy to see you guys posting to or server web site guest book Thank You

Apr. 4, 2017

Bob Marshall

Hey Guardian and gang. It's the old Slob here (Slobbob for you uninitiated) G, thanks for hosting a great site buddy. Hope you can continue to do so. It's a blast getting to play there and getting to know all my buddies on this page as well. God's grace
& peace to you all! Slob

Mar. 29, 2017


WAZZZZUP DUDE! :)) This is the real me.

Mar. 27, 2017


Nice server!

Mar. 27, 2017



Come get your lumps !! :)

Mar. 26, 2017


heya all ....lol...dial down the stinkin shotties :p add some freeze tag too ;)

Mar. 26, 2017


Hi all Its Me Mac Do U know Mac yes Its meeee Macalister hihihiihihihihihihi a friend of You guys. Take care Im a Rushing player ihhihiihihihhiihiihhiihhi around de map over here and over there. Tum Bang Bang hihihihiihihihihhiih Big Hug for all. Ass.